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Denture Attachment Systems

For years, denture patients have been faced with the ultimate dilemma: choosing between fixed or removable dentures, but now, with denture attachment systems, the choice is easy.

Denture attachment systems are the latest breakthrough in denture technology. This simple, straightforward system provides denture patients with the benefits of fixed dentures AND the ability to remove them with ease whenever they want.

How the procedure works

The denture attachment implant procedure is both simple and straightforward. Your certified implant dentist will place the mini dental implants directly into your gums. The titanium alloy of the dental implants will fuse with the bone of your jaw through a process called osseointegration. This process provides implant stability, which in turn provides long-term denture support. Once the implants are placed, your dentist ill embed small O-ring receptacles into your removable dentures. These receptacles attach to the implants, locking your dentures securely in place. They also allow the dentures to be snapped in and out, quickly and easily.

The denture attachment implant procedure is great for patients because it is minimally invasive – it usually takes about two hours and only requires a local anesthetic. And because the implants used are smaller than their traditional counterparts, patients never require as much downtime to recover. In most instances, patients who undergo the procedure will be eating relatively normally by dinnertime that same day.

Is the Denture Attachment System right for you?

If you currently suffer with large groups of broken, damaged or missing teeth, dentures are most often the best solution to correct your smile. While removable dentures can give you the look of naturally growing teeth, their detached nature often cause problems while speaking and chewing. On the other hand, using mini dental implants to create a fixed denture may not be ideal if the patient ever wished to remove their dentures for any reason.

If you find that dentures are the solution for you, yet can’t decide between fixed and removable dentures, the denture attachment system may be exactly what you need. Patients have the ease of removable dentures without dealing with the messy pastes and adhesives, and they have the stability of fixed dentures, which allows them to speak and chew with ease while having the look and feel of naturally growing teeth.

If you think the denture attachment system is right for you, find a certified implant dentist in your area and get started today!

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